Welcome to the Animal Wisdom Circle!

The Animal Wisdom Circle is a live, monthly membership program that inspires, educates and supports animal lovers as they create soulful connections with animals in order to heal themselves, animals and our planet.

As a SEEKER member, you are invited to join Dr. Cara as she presents a new training topic each month in a FREE teleseminar. Topics and experts change each month, so be sure to join us for each call! You are automatically enrolled for the entire Animal Communication Training Series for the rest of the year.

The September Training Topic:

Animal Wisdom PLUS Sound Washing with Phoebe Fazio
In this free workshop you will:

*understand the wisdom of (one or more) animal(s)
*experience a healing sound meditation that heals you based on the energy of an animal
*ask Questions about animal wisdom, animal Communication, healing with sound and any other topic that interests you

There will be time for Questions and Answers, so be sure to join us live Thursday September 7 at 9 am Pacific time!
Phoebe Fazio is a mother, a sister, a daughter, a friend, a teacher, a musician, a human, a spiritual being, a lover, a healer, a ray of light. After 20 years of teaching music, Phoebe discovered something about herself: what she is really here to do on this Earth is to perform. When she performs, others are positively affected. You can experience her performances of:  Toning, Sound Washing™, Singing, Playing the Piano, and Writing and Speaking. There are times when all she has to do is stand on stage and everyone feels that radiance beaming toward them.

Phoebe and I have been collaborating on a series of Animal Wisdom Sound Washing videos on YouTube that are incredibly moving. Check them out by search YouTube for "Cara Gubbins Sound Washing."

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